Developing Issues in World Music Therapy Education and Training: A Plurality of Views, by Karen D. Goodman (Ed).


  • Teresa Lesiuk



The chapters in this current book reflect current and/or necessary changes in music therapy training that come about because of history, society, economy, generational shifts and the workplace. Although the subject matter in these chapters may appear disparate, it is not. The subject matter invites comparison in the following ways: 1) questions the nature of music therapy itself; 2) examines challenges to education and training; 3) suggests critical thinking (vs repetition or repackaging of information) for students, educators, clinicians, researchers and supervisors in the field of music therapy; 4) respects the past but looks to the future; 5) offers perspective from others in the field through such vehicles as surveys, interviews and/or  reviews of literature. Part I is titled ‘New Frameworks and Content for Music Therapy Education and Training’ Part II of the book, ‘Online Formats for Music Therapy Education and Training’ offers two chapters which have become increasingly urgent information due to the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic throughout the world (March 2020), now in its third year, coupled with the explosion of technological resources and demand for online and hybrid learning. Part III of the book, ‘Inclusivity in Music Therapy Education and Training,’ presents two vital chapters to remind educators of pressing issues. Part IV of the book, ‘Professional Opportunities in Music Therapy Education, Training and Development,’ present four uniquely different chapters, yet each focuses on opportunities that any student or educator should consider. Part V, ‘Ongoing issues and Possibilities in Music Therapy Education and Training,’ considers two more developing topics in the field. Readers will enjoy and profit from this book, reflecting on how to continue to move on in music therapy education and training.






Book Review