The effectiveness of iso principle mood modulation playlists in inpatient psychiatry: A post-hoc analysis


  • Audrey Zybura Houston Methodist Hospital
  • John Head Houston Methodist Hospital



music therapy, mood modulation, playlist, iso principle, psychiatry


This post-hoc data analysis study investigates the impact of iso principle-informed mood modulation playlists (MMPLs) on mood ratings using a Likert scale. Pre- and post-listening mood ratings were collected as part of routine music therapy procedures in an inpatient psychiatric setting and de-identified for analysis. The study comprised 125 pairs of mood ratings. The results of the Wilcoxon signed-rank post-hoc analysis revealed a significant improvement in post-test mood ratings compared to pre-test mood ratings (mean rank = 8.34 vs 5.02, respectively, Z = -9.59, p = 0.001).

These findings highlight the therapeutic value of individualized MMPLs facilitated by music therapists in enhancing patient mood. The utilization of MMPLs allows patients to purposefully modulate their mood in desirable ways, demonstrating the potential of music therapy as a valuable tool in improving well-being.





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