Music therapy & music based interventions in the context of dementia: Recommendations for clinical guidelines - Part II




The therapeutic benefits of music are well recognized in care for the elderly and especially for people with dementia (PWD).  Currently, music-based programs occur at different levels and by a variety of professionals. The challenge is to ensure that music is provided in a positive and beneficial way.   There is a need for clinical practice guidelines, based on research outcomes in order to guarantee reliable music therapy and music-based intervention procedures for people with dementia (PWD) so that these interventions are properly implemented by professional music therapists, other health allied professionals as well as caregivers. This paper reflects on this need in order to guarantee successful best practices in the use of music with PWD.


Author Biographies

Melissa Mercadal-Brotons, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Esmuc)

Music therapy and music-based activities with people with dementia and/or their caregivers.

Concetta M. Tomaino

DA, LCAT, MT-BC Executive director/co-founder , Institute for Music and Neurologic Function. One Wartburg Place, Mount Vernon, NY

Tereza Raquel Alcântara Silva

PhD, MT, Professor and researcher at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), GO, Brazil

Shirlene Vianna Moreira

PhD, MT, Unit of Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders (UNICOG), Hospital Maternidade Therezinha de Jesus (HMTJ), MG, Brazil


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