Evaluation of the Standardized MUSIC CARE© App in the Treatment of Pain: The U-Shape Composing Technique


  • Stéphane Guétin
  • Daniela Falvay
  • Gérald Chanques
  • Samir Jaber
  • Sylvie de Lattre
  • Bruno Souche
  • Patrick Giniès
  • Marie-Christine Picot
  • Christian Hérisson
  • Luc Brun
  • Emmanuelle de Diego
  • Jacques Touchon




Numerous studies emphasize the application of music therapy and music medicine in the treatment of pain. The MUSIC CARE© app that was designed at the University Hospital of Montpellier applies the U-shape music composing technique taking into account the available evidence of the literature on relaxation paradigms. The main objective of this article is to summarize recent research on the standardization and evaluation of this new app of music medicine in the treatment of pain. Following a comprehensive review of the literature, a series of controlled, randomized, multi-centered studies were conducted including patients seeking care in such diverse setting as rheumatology, functional rehabilitation, oncology, geriatrics, anesthesiology and
intensive care, neurology, obstetrics, pediatrics and general pain treatment. The effect of the MUSIC CARE© app has been evaluated on different types of acute and chronic pain of various origins (i.e. mechanical, inflammatory and neurological fibromyalgia). Physiological effects on hemodynamic and respiratory markers as well as psychological outcomes, including the relationship between care-provider and patient have been emphasized within multiple trials. The MUSIC CARE© app reduces pain, anxiety and depression to a significant degree and decreases the need for anxiolytics and antidepressants. Our first randomized controlled trials demonstrate the benefit of using MUSIC CARE© application in the management of pain. Future
directions for the use of the app in various settings are discussed.