Extraction of a Grossly Decayed Tooth Without Local Anesthesia But With Audio Analgesia: A Case Report


  • Manish Bhagania
  • Anirudha Agnihotry




Extraction of a tooth of a 28-year-old female patient was being performed without local anesthesia and with music. The patient was not ready for the use of local anesthesia. She was offered all the other anesthetizing options, but she chose music in place of all. Indian devotional music was used and it was seen that the patient did not show any subjective signs of pain or any pain behavior during the extraction procedure, indicating that analgesia was induced through music.

Author Biographies

Manish Bhagania

Manish Bhagania is an assistant professor at Manipal University, India. He did his postgraduation at Manipal University.

Anirudha Agnihotry

Anirudha Agnihotry completed his schooling at St Paul’s School, Jodhpur, India, and is currently working on audio analgesia, forensic odontology, and oral cancer.



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