What Is Evidence: Truth or ‘‘Inventions of Lying’’?


  • Joanne V. Loewy DA, LCAT, MT-BC
  • Ralph Spintge MD




Traveling affords one the opportunity for novel and spontaneous experiences. As editors, we try to attend confer- ences and events in music and medicine and related fields as often as possible. Our excursions within the past several months have collectively included lectures and attendance at symposia and conferences in China, Germany, Spain, and, in the United States, Minnesota, the Northeast, and California...

Author Biographies

Joanne V. Loewy, DA, LCAT, MT-BC

Director, The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY, USA

Ralph Spintge, MD

Institute for Music Therapy, University for Music and Drama HfMT, Hamburg, Germany.

Department of Algesiology and Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine, Regional Pain Centre DGS, Sportklinik Hellersen, 58515 Lu ̈denscheid, Germany.