SIPARI1: A Music Therapy Intervention for Patients Suffering With Chronic, Nonfluent Aphasia


  • Monika Jungblut Dr. rer. Medic., Dipl Mus, Dipl MusTh



This article describes components of the SIPARI1 method, a music-supported training developed to support speech rehabilitation in patients with chronic nonfluent aphasia. It is specifically descrip- tive of the intervention reported in the detailed case report of long-term recovery from chronic aphasia and is meant to serve as a supplement to this report. The author intends to provide readers with an over- view of interventions, which have been successfully applied in patient work for more than a decade. The efficacy of this treatment has been proven in several studies using a standardized language test. Improve- ments of speech performance go hand in hand with improved quality of life for patients and families alike.

Author Biography

Monika Jungblut, Dr. rer. Medic., Dipl Mus, Dipl MusTh

Monika Jungblut, Dr. rer. Medic., is the director of Musik & Therapie in Duisburg, Germany, and a freelancer at Neurolo- gisches Therapiezentrum NETZ in Essen, Germany.



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