Establishing healing soundscapes through musical soundscape interventions in hospitals


  • Jan Sonntag
  • Pia Preißler
  • Johannes Treß Christian Albrechts University of Kiel
  • Eckhard Weymann



sound performance, sound installation, healing environments, soundscape, atmosphere, music therapy, generative music


The question of how hospital environments can be aesthetically improved with the goal of supporting healing in a holistic way is increasingly subject to interdisciplinary research and practice development. In this report, coming from the perspective of Musical Soundscape Intervention (MSI), the Healing Soundscapes Project (HSS) ispresented withits theoretical framework, practical implementation, which is based on previous research. The article first introduces the concepts of a Healing Environment, Soundscapes and Atmosphere, Ambient Music and Environmental Music Therapy (EMT). Then the concept and history of HSS is displayed, focussing on sound interventions for specific spaces in hospitals to affect the atmosphere positively. Accompanying research within HSS previous research is summarised and two examples of current subprojects described (HSS in operation theatres and HSS live). Finally further development is outlined and the essence of the report resumed.

Author Biography

Johannes Treß, Christian Albrechts University of Kiel

Psychologist, currently in a PhD Project called "Healing Soundscapes"