Where music meets medicine:

The first International Conference ‘Science and Sounds’ in conjunction with founding the new Centre for Music Medicine and Music Therapy at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany


  • Eike Sebastian Debus
  • Dorothee van Moreau
  • Dorothee van Moreau
  • Karin Holzwarth
  • David Baaß
  • Ralph Spintge




music therapy, conference report, germany, music medicine


The first Science and Sounds conference in Germany took place in early September 2022. Attendees were provided with an overview of standards and significant results of scientific research on the use of music as therapeutic intervention in medical settings. An international faculty of experts from USA, Finland, and Europe presented a scientific program ranging from definitions in MusicMedicine and Music Therapy, latest results from brain research about important impacts of musical stimuli on neuronal networks -explaining therapeutic results as well as directions for occupational care for musicians. General aspects and global developments in furthering implementation of interdisciplinary approaches in research and application including enhancement of professional environment in health care institutions were discussed and practically demonstrated during clinical excursions to UKE facilities. This article will provide an overview of the conference and will highlight our opening of the new Centre.