Impact of music therapy of the extracellular status of endocrine markers in pregnant women- A review


  • Bhuvaneswari Ramesh
  • Srinivasan A R Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute



pregnancy, musictherapy, childbirth, psychoneuroendocrinology, stress


Pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation are connected to the physical and psychological well-being of women and the infant after delivery. Taking into consideration the need to build evidence for music therapy, this review explains the mechanism from the bio-psycho-immunological dimensions of stress and its consequences for women during pregnancy, labour and post-partum. The use of music as a correlate to stress and its consequences during the perinatal, prenatal, and postnatal process of pregnancy has been in research for more than 5 decades, yet there is no concrete understanding in that direction. India is culturally and musically rich with many traditional healing systems. Bringing them into the Music has an inside out effect and can be included in the mind-body concept. This paper discusses music in the Indian context that connects the body & mind as well as the traditional uses of music from a therapeutic view, and finally, the need for further research to bring forth evidence-based music therapy within healthcare.


Author Biographies

Bhuvaneswari Ramesh

Bhuvaneswari Ramesh is an  Assistant Professor of Music therapy at CMTER, SBV. She has a Master’s in Medical Music Therapy(MSC MMT) and is pursuing her PhD in Music therapy.

Srinivasan A R, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute

Prof A R Srinivasan is an alumnus of Christian Medical College, Vellore and presently a  Professor of biochemistry at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth. He is also an adjunct faculty in music therapy(CMTER) at SBV





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