Musikalisierung: How a Despondent Mind Shapes Thought into Music: A young boy’s journey & music therapy from an insider's point of view


  • Mike von der Nahmer



Since the age of six I have dealt with a debilitating depression. Unwilling to simply roll over and let it have at me I’ve sought to turn the spotlight onto it; to study it, put it into strange places, learn how to understand it and the mechanism driving it. My aim has always been to discover what causes depression to shift or disappear entirely...for a time. Interesting for me was to find a pathway through music. This path has demanded a great deal of attention and energy over the last thirty years and will continue, I imagine, for the next thirty. Depression is both a blessing and a curse, putting me on the course I am on today as a music therapist, sound researcher, composer and maker of transformative theater.





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