Perceptions on the functions of music among professionals in the special education field in the United Arab Emirate


  • Khadejah Ahmed Bamakhramah
  • Hyun Ju Chong
  • Juri Yun



The purpose of this study was to investigate how special education teachers and health-related professionals perceive and understand the functions of music in the United Arab Emirates. A total of 70 Special Education teachers, physical therapists, speech therapists, and medical professionals completed questionnaires about their musical training and activities, as well as their beliefs about the role and function of music. The survey results indicated that these professionals perceived music to have specific functions in the social, emotional, communicational, and recreational domains. Further analysis showed positive correlations between certain participants’ characteristics, such as duration of music education, and beliefs about specific functions of music. The authors propose that these results provide fundamental information needed to develop and implement music therapy programs in the United Arab Emirates and to promote collaborations among professionals from different fields and cultural backgrounds.



Keywords: function of music, special education, United Arab Emirates, perception of music







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