Relationship Completion in Palliative Care Music Therapy: Clinical Case Example-Part 1


  • Amy Clements-Cortes University of Toronto, Music and Health Research Collaboratory,




The following case study represents an example of music therapy research in palliative care with a focus on relationship completion. This case of ‘Bill’, presents one of the four participant’s experience in the research study on relationship completion in palliative care. The results of Bill’s case are presented in Part II of this paper.(1) Bill received 30 individual music therapy sessions provided at three levels of practice.(2) The music therapy techniques utilized included: song choice; lyric discussion and analysis; songwriting, singing and playing pre-composed songs; life review; and song dedication. Bill’s wife (a study co-participant) also joined in the music therapy sessions towards the end of the process.


AUTHOR. Part 11: Relationship completion in palliative care music therapy: Clinical case research overview and results.

Dileo C; Dneaster D. Introduction: State of the art. In C. Dileo & J. V. Loewy (Eds.), Music therapy at the end of life (pp. xix-xxvii). Cherry Hill, NJ: Jeffrey Books: 2005.






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