Vibroacoustic Treatment Protocol at Seinäjoki Central Hospital


  • Jouko Jouko Hynynen
  • Virpi Aralinna
  • Maire Räty
  • Esa Ala-Ruona



Vibroacoustic (VA) treatment is offered at the Department of Rehabilitation as part of specialized healthcare in the South Ostrobothnia healthcare district. This clinical report describes VA protocol used at Seinäjoki Central Hospital, where VA has been used since 1992, and the protocol is based on the extensive development project on VA from 1996-1999 [1]. According to our clinical experience, the results are encouraging when VA is used as an additional treatment for patients with chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems, specific neurological problems such as spasticity, and sleep disturbances. Also, comorbidity with depression and anxiety is an additional indication for VA to be used with the patients. Systematic collection of clinical data and continuous development of clinical practice have been essential in establishing and maintaining the high-quality services [2]. Still, no randomized controlled trials have been conducted at this facility.



Keywords: vibroacoustics treatment, specialized healthcare, rehabilitation







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