Therapeutic Songwriting: Developments in Theory, Methods, and Practice by Felicity A. Baker

Robert E. Krout


Summary: Over the past ten years songwriting has emerged as a popular method for many clinicians working in a therapy context. This book provides the first comprehensive examination of the contemporary methods and models of songwriting involved and also discusses the environmental, sociocultural, individual and group factors which might support or constrain this therapeutic process. Methods that focus predominantly on lyric creation, music creation, or on both are described and illustrated by case vignettes and samples of song materials, and supported by pictorial representations of the methods. The role of music and music technology is highlighted as an important component of the therapy process. Finally this book also pays attention to comparing and contrasting models of songwriting according to the orientation of the therapist. Models outlined include those informed by behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, feminist, community music therapy, and resource- oriented music therapy approaches.

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