The Effects of Functionally Oriented Music Therapy on Body Function and Quality of Life in Chronic Stroke Survivors and on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease


  • Åsa Rosin
  • Margareta Ericsson
  • Karina Larsson



The objective of this pilot study was to estimate the effects of a 20 week Functional oriented Music Therapy (FMT) program on several body functions in patients with chronic stroke and in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). 15 different body-functions were valued during session number 1, 20 and 21 with a 10-week follow-up. In addition, the quality of life was assessed based on self-rated questionnaires conducted before and after FMT. Both patient groups showed improvements in stability, trunk rotation, hand functions and whole body coordination but also in collaboration skills, logical thinking and in perception. Improvements were partly maintained at follow-up. In addition, both groups reported a better social life, increased concentration and improved self-esteem after FMT. These preliminary results indicate the feasibility of using FMT as a rehabilitation method for patients with a chronic stroke and in patients with PD.






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