The Performance Wellness Seminar: An Integrative Music Therapy Approach to Preventing Performance-Related Disorders in College-Age Musicians

Louise Montello


A number of recent studies have pointed to the prevalence of performance-related disorders experienced by college-age music students in the United States (Barton et al., 2008; Chesky, Dawson, & Manchester, 2006; Chesky & Hipple, 1997; Fehm & Schmidt, 2004; Manchester, 1988; Manchester & Lustik, 1989; Smith, 1992). These disorders include overuse injuries, chronic pain, debil- itating stage fright, depression, and substance abuse. This article addresses the underlying causes of performance-related disor- ders in college-age musicians and offers a clinically tested curriculum for prevention, treatment, and empowerment. The integrative curriculum draws from clinically proven techniques from the disciplines of music therapy, behavioral medicine, and yoga science. Performance Wellness training recommendations are included for educators, counselors, and health professionals who work with college-age music students.

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