Perceptions of Patients and Families who Received a Music Intervention During Mechanical Ventilation

Mary F. Tracy, Abbey Staugaitis, Linda Chlan, Annie Heiderscheit


The intensive care unit (ICU) is a technologically-driven environment where critically ill patients and their families have significant physical and emotional experiences. Mechanically ventilated (MV) patients can experience significant distress from anxiety and pain. Music listening is one integrative intervention that has been shown to reduce anxiety as well as other symptoms that contribute to distress in MV patients. This is a report of MV patient and family experiences from a larger research study aiming to evaluate levels of anxiety and sedative exposure with use of a patient-directed music intervention. Understanding perceptions of MV patients and families regarding the effectiveness of music listening might serve as a useful guide to improvement of their care.

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by The International Association for Music & Medicine